merging the real world
with the digital

At AKULAR, we work tirelessly on our mission to achieve environmental sustainability by digitizing the built world. By developing technology and products that enable 3D BIM models to be used during construction, we help investors and contractors save time, money and resources. By providing a platform for construction data to be merged with in-use operational data, we enable owners to monitor, benchmark and improve building performance.

We’ve processed over
7,000 BIM models

for investors and developers since 2018. Let us help you get more out of  YOUR 3D model.

Meet us at CES 2023

Meet our Lead Digital Twin developer Juraj Zec at CES 2023! Learn how you can benefit from transforming your real world asset into a Digital Twin.

Juraj Zec

              Juraj Zec, Lead Digital Twin developer

Our team and clients are based in the US, EU and MEA

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