Digital TWINS

Facility Monitoring


  • To improve operational safety through live monitoring.
  • To model hazards to prepare for initial response
  • To gain control over site processes and improve efficiency
real-time enviroment
  • Real time heatmaps based on sensors
  • Real time values of sensors
    • Humidity
    • Temperature
    • Airflow
    • Particles
    • Any other sensor types
  • Analytics and history for each sensor
public Safety

Occupant density view through:

  • Heat maps based data from camera image recognition
  • Thumbnail camera snapshots
  • Airflow simulation for hazardous scenarios & operating modes (animations can be triggered for each operating mode)
building performance

Collaboration between Bentley Systems iTwin and AKULAR

Manage your 3D models in AR/VR/3D

  • Generate sensor-based building data graphs showing performance for multiple variables
  • View Building Related Data in Augmented Reality on site by pointing at devices or data points

  • View building data in Virtual Reality by clicking on monitored elements

  • Admin can add / remove
    • Sensors
    • Cameras
    • Animations for hazard scenarios
  • All users can be empowered to turn on/off
    • Sensors
    • Heat maps
    • Animations of simulation scenarios
  • 3D models easily manipulated for viewing using standard Pinch Zoom, Rotate or Fly Through controls
  • In AR mode, user can scan a QR code on site to inspect the digital twin overlay
  • In VR mode: user can start the app in VR mode on a desktop workstation to perform a remote inspection of all data layers built into the digital twin 3D model via:
    • Fly through
    • Teleport