Remember the game Pokemon Go that went viral in 2016? This game that was a phenomenon had people searching for PokéStops and Pokémon Gyms so they could capture the Pokémon creatures to collect points. The game relied on location tracking to bring virtual reality with the real world. 

This worldwide hit of Pokémon Go was what sparked the popularity of augmented reality. Augmented reality has existed for quite a few years prior to the game, but once people saw the potential for augmented reality through the use of their smartphone or tablet, industries such as retail, automotive, construction, real estate, and architecture began to implement augmented reality into its daily practices to enhance their business. 

Augmented Reality in Real Estate 

Augmented reality brings many benefits to the real estate industry. Although the real estate industry was slow to catch on to the new technology, its changing the way realtors cater to its clients. Realtors have been hesitant to adapt to augmented reality technology but the quicker you adapt to it, the better your business will be so you can outperform your competitors. Here are some of the ways augmented reality can benefit your real estate business: 

Clearer representation

 Asking a buyer to imagine a home that is not yet built is tricky. If your buyer is having a difficult time visualizing the end result, it ends up becoming a hard deal to close. Augmented reality brings the property to life, right in front of your eyes. With the property right in front of them, you have a better chance of closing a deal. 

Reaches anyone and everywhere 

Its not uncommon to see someone from across the country or even the world interested in buying your listing. The hardest part is scheduling a time to see the listing. Sometimes clients are willing to take a chance on buying a property they have only seen pictures of but that’s very rare. Augmented reality allows you to show a property without actually visiting the property. Whether your clients are near or far or simply can’t find a good time to visit the property, augmented reality can be a quick and simple resolution for everyone. 

Augmented Reality in Architecture 

Prior to the existence of augmented reality, architects could create pictures, videos or digitized images to predict what a structure would look like. This helped to picture a structure that was not yet built but its nothing like what augmented reality can do. There are many benefits augmented reality brings to the architecture industry: 

Boosts Engagement

Pitching a design to clients or stakeholders is the hardest part and usually we hope that our audience stays engaged and interested in our presentations. When you present your design with augmented reality, you don’t have to worry whether or not your audience is engaged. Without augmented reality, its easy to become disconnected because you are forced to imagine something that is not yet built, but with the utilization of augmented reality, your audience will be engaged simply because they don’t have to imagine what your structure will look like because it’s right there in front of them to see. Augmented reality offers a real visualization of the final outcome for customers. 

Augmented Reality Provides Alternative Options 

Perhaps your audience likes your plans, but they have some recommended changes. Making those changes and sharing them has never been so simple. All you have to do is go to upload a new plan with the minor changes and share them from your mobile device. Not only is it quick and easy, but you don’t have to waste time setting up another meeting because the changes could be shared with your audience. 

Uploading plans in the AkulAR app is free so you can upload different variations of your plans. Maybe you have a plan with a little bit of a different layout or a smaller size. Whatever it is, you can create multiple variations of your plans to present to your clients. 

Augmented Reality and Construction

Enhance the Accuracy of Projects

Accuracy in the construction industry is vital for the success of any project. Without accuracy, it becomes easy to waste money and time to make adjustments to the projects later on. Augmented reality technology allows you to get a walkthrough of the project before its built. This allows you to get the exact measurements and better details. 

Better Project Management

Now that project managers have the ability to visualize the final product and get better measurements, project management will become more efficient. You can better predict the building materials that need to be used and project competition dates. Communicating ideas will also become a lot easier with the utilization of augmented reality. 

Acceleration of the Project

When you’re able to predict the exact amount of building materials and completion days, the entire projected is accelerated. When you use augmented reality for your construction project, you’ll notice that the project is accelerated because you will be avoiding complications during the building process. How awesome would it be to finish your project ahead of time rather than falling behind? 

AkulAR: Bringing the Benefits of Augmented Reality to Your Business 

Augmented reality brings benefits to every industry and is changing the way business is done. AkulAR has created an app that is easy to use so you can experience the benefits of augmented reality. The best part? AkulAR is affordable and easy to use! All you have to do is visit our website, download the app, upload your plans, plug in the GPS coordinates to experience your project in real life settings and have access to a mobile device, tablet or AR headset. AkulAR allows you to upload as many plans as you wish for free. AkulAR can also be used any time, anywhere. So, whether your team or client is across the room or across the world, you can share your plans with the click of a button and the plan can be brought to life right in front of them. Are you ready to experience the benefits of augmented reality? Get started with AkulAR today.