Imagine life if you could experience something before it was built. For instance, you are planning to build your new home that you have always dreamed of, and before the building team even breaks ground, you are able to experience your new home. By experience we mean you can actually walk around the home, get a feel for how big the rooms are, how high the ceilings are. You can now better design the interior of your home and get a head start on decorating because you don’t have to wonder what the final outcome will be. Life would be so much easier, wouldn’t it? 

Well, the revolution is here, thanks to augmented reality. With augmented reality, you can finally experience a building before it is built! Augmented reality doesn’t stop there. Augmented reality is being used in tons of different businesses and industries. The revolution might have just begun but your competitors have been on it for quite some time. Do you feel like your business is missing out? Here’s how augmented reality can help to enhance your business and how you can incorporate it into your day-to-day tasks: 

Augmented Reality in Real Estate

Its no wonder augmented reality is one of the hottest real estate technology trends. For the very first time, your clients can visit a home from the comfort of their couch! This is huge for both you and your clients. 

All a client needs is access to a mobile device or an AR headset, and the AkulAR app.  With just these two tools, clients can tour a home from the comfort of their home. 

Transitioning from the traditional real estate tools to augmented reality will be a big change but it’s a simple change you won’t regret! We recommend getting comfortable with augmented reality tools before using them to work with your clients. 

First, download the AkulAR app and visit listings yourself before sending them to clients. This will help you to get familiar with augmented reality and make the transition as seamless as possible. Any listing you send to your clients for them to experience through the AkulAR app should be a property that you have seen yourself. This will help to avoid those showings where you walk into the home only to find that the kitchen is one that your clients will absolutely hate. 

The AkulAR app will save you and your clients time and money. Clients don’t have to waste time visiting houses that they can quickly cross off the list of options which will allow you to spend more time with other clients and ultimately make more money!

Augmented Reality in Architecture 

Augmented reality is also transforming the way Architects perform their daily tasks. Most importantly, augmented reality brings building plans to life. To the point where you can experience a structure before it is built. 

Capturing the imagination of stakeholders has never been so simple. There have been other methods to help imagine what a future structure will look like such as renderings and 3D computer generated images but nothing like augmented reality can offer. 

Renderings are great when it comes to expressing your imagination. Renderings can still be used to get your initial thoughts out on paper and they are always good to have on hand in addition to the structure and plans that are seen through augmented reality. 

When it comes time to present your plans, you will blow your audience away by being able to show them the building that is not yet built. Here’s how it works: 

Step 1: Download the AkulAR app 

Step 2: Have access to an AR headset or mobile device

Step 3: Upload your plans into the AkulAR app

Step 4: Use the AkulAR app to bring the structure to life! 

Using augmented reality is really this simple. The best part is that you can add as many plans as you want. So, if you have more than one plan, you can upload them into the AkulAR app and present numerous plans. You can also edit plans as you wish, so if a client of yours has recommendations or wants to see what the updated  plans will look like, simply make the edits to the plans and you the client can see the new plan within seconds as long as they have the AkulAR app and a mobile device or AR headset on hand. 

Augmented Reality in Construction and Project Management 

Construction has been around for years; it’s one of the very first industries. For years, innovators have been developing new technologies to advance the industry. It wasn’t until recently that the construction industry would see a revolutionary change. This change is all thanks to augmented reality. 

Augmented reality allows for easier visualization. The AkulAR app brings 3D blueprints to life. With access to a tablet or an AR headset, construction workers now have a full scale visionary of the plan. As you can imagine this allows the construction process to move as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Designers and architects can choose building materials while seeing the structure in real life. They can also get an in-depth view of the ductwork and pipes so that they can efficiently install the units. Additionally, workers can see the parts of the building as they are intended to be installed. This can prevent costly errors during the building process that will save you money and time on the project.

Augmented reality is the future of construction. This new technology will help builders visualize the plans, maximize efficiency, and prevent a ton of potential issues.  We can ensure you that this trend of augmented reality is here to stay. Your competitors have already caught onto the trend, get on board and see what all the hype is about! 

Augmented reality can have a tremendous impact on your real estate, architectural or construction business. It will save you time, money, continuously bring in money and allow you to focus on other areas of your business that might need attention. Want to learn more? Contact our team at AkulAR.