A top notch real estate listing presentation can give you a better chance for your business. If you’ve made a real estate presentation before, you might know that it’s hard and is especially hard to close the deal after the presentation. Real estate agents put their heart and soul into these presentations and still no deal. Where a lot of agents are experiencing a disconnect is with the technology. Real estate agents are lacking innovative technologies to help with their presentations. The real estate industry in general has been known to fall behind on the digital technology trend. That is, up until recently. The real estate industry has been changed all thanks to augmented reality. 

Augmented Reality 

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that expands our physical world by adding layers of digital information to it. This can be done with a mobile device or an AR headset. With the device that you use, superimposed computer-generated images are presented in the real world which causes a change in the perception of reality, otherwise known as AR.

Augmented reality has been around for decades, but it wasn’t until the rise of the internet and smartphones until it became interactive. In 2016 the concept of augmented reality really went viral because of the Pokémon Go (a popular game) phenomenon. The game was a hit because it brought Pokémon creatures into the real world by augmented reality. Since then, industries such as retail, automotive, construction and real estate have implemented augmented reality into its daily techniques. 

Augmented Reality in Other Industries

Here are some of the ways augmented reality is being used in other industries: 

IKEA: shoppers used to have to go into an IKEA store to purchase or view furniture, but now it can be done with a smartphone. Customers of IKEA can now use augmented reality to see how furniture looks in their homes before they purchase it. A 3D furniture set pops up in real life from their smartphones and they can move it around to see where it fits best, etc., 

BMW: BMW uses augmented reality to promote a safer driving experience. Rather than looking down at the dashboard, all the important information such as speed and time pops up on the windshield so only the driver can see. 

Education: Augmented reality is used in medical education and training. The AR technology creates human body models that allow medical students to learn anatomy in depth to provide them more realistic experience. 

How Augmented Reality Can Help Your Presentations

The real estate industry has recently got on board with augmented reality to use it in its daily practices. Here are some of the ways you can use augmented reality to make an interactive presentation: 

  1. Tell A Good Story

In the past, we have used images and videos to create a picture in our audience’s head. Thanks to augmented reality, our audiences no longer have to picture what a development will look like. With augmented reality, the actual model comes up right in front of them, in real life. Telling a story that keeps your audience engaged has never been so easy. The audience will follow what you are saying much easier which will increase your chances of making a sale. 

  1. Augmented Reality Makes It Factual

Your clients were so hesitant to make a decision after a presentation because they only had an image or a video of what the outcome was supposed to look like. With augmented reality, the facts are right there in front of them, so they will have little doubt. Augmented reality provides a much more in depth presentation, so your clients have all the information they need. 

  1. Let the Presentation Work Itself

Before augmented reality, the speaker was solely responsible for keeping their audience engaged and interested. With augmented reality, the work is done for you. Your audience will be so interested with the 3D model that is in front of them so all you really have to do is stay on track with your presentation. You’ll notice your audience will have fewer questions because the model is self-explanatory. You will also notice clients are more likely to make a purchase quicker because they have less doubt about the outcome.

  1. Increase Interaction

If everyone in your audience has access to this 3D model, everyone can interact with your presentation. As you may know, interaction is so important for the sale. The more interaction, the better the outcome of the presentation. Once your audience experiences the model, they will develop a sense of ownership and will be sold on your presentation. 

AkulAR: Bringing Augmented Reality to Real Estate

At AkulAR, we are here to help you advance in the real estate industry. With the touch of a button, you can experience buildings and developments in 3D augmented reality so you can capture the imagination of stakeholders. 

To begin, you download the app, upload the structure plans, plug in the GPS coordinates so you can experience the project in the actual surroundings, and then use your tablet or AR headset to walk around the development as if it were already built. Once the presentation is done, you can share the 3D structure with your team or clients. Uploading plans is free, and you can upload as many as you want! This is great for presentations because you can show different plans for the building; giving your audience options

The AkulAR app not only helps create a more interactive presentation but you can promote public interest projects to the community, instantly visually communicate design alternatives to speed up the decision making process and buyers can see various versions of the interior design before its done. 

Do you have a big real estate presentation coming up? We ask that you give AkulAR a chance so you can blow your audience away! Don’t fall behind on the augmented reality trend. Get ahead of your competitors with AkulAR.