Augmented reality is changing the way in which we communicate, present, and interact with each other. Many industries such as the retail industry, automotive industry and now the real estate, construction, real estate development and architecture industry are seeing incredible results through the utilization of Augmented Reality. Augmented reality combines the real world with computer generated technology to create a new way of presenting an image. 

Augmented reality is a completely artificial, computer generated simulation that is combined with the real world. It is possible through the utilization of devices such as an AR headset, smartphone or tablet. Not to be confused with Virtual reality which requires the use of a virtual reality headset to see things virtually. 

Like anything else that we use in life, augmented reality has its pros and cons. Interested in giving augmented reality a try? Here are some pros and cons about the technique that you may want to know before getting started: 

The Pros of Augmented Reality

  • Enhanced Communication In a world where people are continuously on the go, it’s hard to get people in the same place at the same time. Augmented reality is a resolution to the communication issues you face with remote individuals. 

For Instance, augmented reality has changed the way real estate agents to business. Its not unusual for one person that is across the world to be interested in a property. With augmented reality, the buyer does not have to travel across the world to see the structure in real life. With their AR device, they can easily see the property in real life. Similarly, real estate agents have a busy schedule, as do their buyers. Scheduling a viewing time that works for both parties can be challenging. If scheduling is an issue, the buyer has the choice to view the property on their own, in a real life setting, all through the utilization of their smartphone. Simply download the AkulAR app, upload the property information and the property will be right before your eyes. 

  • Increases Interaction and Engagement

Augmented reality is changing the way buyers interact with a product. IKEA for example, uses augmented reality for buyers to see how furniture looks in their home before purchasing the item. Real estate developers and architects have found that more people are engaged during their presentation of the property because the audience gets to see the building in real life before it is even built. 

  • Better Representation

When you use augmented reality, you have better luck when it comes to closing deals because clients and stakeholders have less questions and its unlikely that they will be skeptical since its right there in front of them to see. As a result, the buying process is a lot quicker since decisions are made right there and then at the table. 

  • Easily Accessible 

As long as you have access to a smartphone, tablet or AR headset, you are able to access the structure through augmented reality. Regardless of where a person is in the world, if they have the required device, they are provided access. 

  • Simple to Use

You don’t have to be a technology expert to use augmented reality. Simply have the devices on hand, and you are ready to use. 

  • Creates A Sense of Ownership 

Have you ever test drove a car and when you left the dealership without the car you felt upset? This is because you enjoyed the car so much that you developed a sense of ownership; you felt as if the vehicle was already yours. The same happens when users experience buildings through augmented reality. Your users will have such an incredible experience with augmented reality that they already feel like the development or property is theirs. This increases your chances of making a sale. 

  • Allows for Better Project Management

Construction professionals have seen a tremendous change in their work thanks to the utilization of augmented reality. When you can see a structure before it is built, you are able to better predict the necessary building materials, the completion date and you can avoid potential issues during the building process. 

The Cons of Augmented Reality 

  • Cannot be Used Without the Required Devices 

Perhaps you needed to show your client a property, but you did not have a smart phone, tablet or AR headset on hand. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to show your clients the property. Now if we’re being honest, who really travels anywhere nowadays without their smartphone? Unless you made some sort of rare mistake and forgot your device, its very unlikely that you wouldn’t be able to use augmented reality. 

  • Technical Issues

If you have ever used a laptop, computer, or cell phone you know that technology has its flaws. Sometimes it freezes up, there is a glitch in the system, etc., With augmented reality relying so heavily on technology, you face the potential issue of having a technological issue. How often will this happen? Not often at all, in fact it rarely happens. 

  • Privacy Concerns 

The downfall to using technology is the threat to a user’s privacy. Augmented reality is a way to learn a lot about a user and what they do. However, if privacy is a concern, always remember to utilize augmented reality through a trusted device and continuously change passwords to a strong code. 

AkulAR is a mobile app that allows your clients and stakeholders to experience your development plan in 3D. With AkulAR, you will notice how all of the pros of augmented reality will transform your business. You’ll close more deals, capture the imagination of stakeholders and work more efficiently. To learn more about augmented reality and AkulAR contact a team member today.